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Openings within NRUM Preschool


North Raleigh United Methodist Preschool is a ministry of North Raleigh United Methodist Church.  We take pride in offering an environment that nurtures a child’s growth socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Music & Movement Teacher

•          Provide opportunities for children to play musical instruments.

•          Model what children can do with instruments.

•          Provide a range of music and movement activities from different cultures.

•          Participate in music and movement activities with the children.

•          Make music and movement sessions a collaboration with the children.

•          Provide opportunities for children to participate in both structured and                      unstructured music and movement activities.

•          Work together with the director to bring live performances of music and                  movement for the children to experience.

•          Choose songs that encourage active involvement, relate to the interests of              the children, engage the whole child, 

•          Have fun!  While the children are having fun, important learning is taking               place!


Education Requirements:

High school diploma is required; Preschool experience or early childhood education is preferred. The teacher assistant is a multiple incumbent position reporting to the preschool director.

If you are interested contact Terri in the preschool office to get an application or click the link below.


NRUMP Application 

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