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About Us

For over 35 years, North Raleigh United Methodist Preschool (NRUM Preschool) has provided a loving and nurturing environment to meet children’s spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs. NRUM Preschool is a highly sought after Christian-based preschool program educating children ages two through five.

Our philosophy is that children learn best through play. Play enables children to make sense of their world — to develop social understanding, expand their language skills, and learn basic math concepts. At NRUM Preschool, children mature from solitary play, to parallel play to cooperative group play. These are important social stages for later life challenges. Hands-on experiences that are challenging, interesting and age-appropriate allow each child to progress at his/her own level.

NRUM Preschool is a Christian preschool open to families of all faiths. We admit students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

Our current school hours are 9:15 am to 1 p.m., Monday through Thursday with some classes here on Friday. Our year will begin the Tuesday after Labor Day and end in late May.

Copyright 2013 North Raleigh United Methodist Preschool.  8501 Honeycutt Road, Raleigh, NC  27615  919-870-6616

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